All images copyright Jan Fordyce. All rights reserved. 

 I was born and raised in California near the Pacific Coast where being near the water was always the place to be. I have many happy memories  of playing in the surf as a kid, and since then water has always been a draw for me artistically, and a place to just spend time. My Master’s Thesis, many years ago had a theme of water, and as I have continued to paint different subject matter water imagery always made it’s way into the paintings. So finally I decided to throw myself into just painting water, using close- up  imagery for inspiration. The water imagery lends itself to abstraction so I am lost in the painting of shapes, colors and the movement of water caught in a moment of time. I love the abstraction and yet from a distance the image takes on the content of water.

I am also intrigued how water can tell a story and create metaphors: ripple effects we see in water and how ripple effects play out in life. The reflections of images in water, often broken and fragmented with water movement, relates to our reflection of ourselves and the world around us. My hope is that the viewer can get lost in the abstract imagery of water and connect with their own story and metaphor. 

I recently started working on the Colorado River Project. I now live in Colorado and the river was named one of the most endangered rivers in the U.S.  My desire to follow its banks and tell its story has led me on a painting journey. It occurs to me as a painter my role should also be bringing attention to a majestic river and the dangers it faces as well as painting its beauty. I see this project as an ongoing process of traveling and painting as it offers endless possibilities and challenges.