Art in the World

Art in the World
October 2015


© 2015, Jan Fordyce, Surface Disruption, 40x60 oil on canvas, SOLD to a company in Huston, Texas, Thanks to Nine dot Arts!


© 2015, Jan Fordyce, Lyrical, 24x48. oil on canvas, SOLD
to the Westin Hotel in Westminister, Colorado, Thanks to Nine dot Arts!

Art in the World

I was recently inspired by a webinar put on by my art business coach, Alyson Stanfield and her guest speaker, Linda Albright. Linda Albright brought up the point that art belongs out in the world as a gift to the world to inspire, calm, energize and touch the soul of those who view it. 

Linda’s comment touched a chord in me as to why I do what I do and then see the impact it can make in someone's life. As an artist, it is easy to get wrapped up in color, imagery, ideas and thoughts to communicate: in the process one can overlook how it can affect others. 

As one looks at history and the role art has played in reflecting cultures and at times changing culture, one sees the power art can have. As my art gets out into the world I hope it has a positive effect on people’s lives and serves its purpose to inspire, calm and delight the viewer.

 “ The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso


© 2015, Jan Fordyce, Encompassing Ripple, 36x48 oil on canvas, $3800

Showing at the Lone Tree Art Center in Lone Tree, Colorado until November 6th.

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Ellie, the Studio Assistant, so tired from her big day in the studio.