Abstract Realism


Abstract Realism

September 2015

©2014 Jan Fordyce, Fragments, 36x48 oil on canvas, $3800


Abstract Realism

A friend recently helped me to come up with the perfect description of my work. She said it was abstract realism. What is that? Well, the abstraction relates to the close-up imagery of water, removing the context of the surrounding environment, and focusing on the patterns, reflections, and movement of water. The realism relates to the identification of water. You see the ripples and patterns that you know as water, so you relate to water as a real subject. What do you see in my work? Let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Photos of Water

My work starts with a photo reference. It is very hard to paint water from life as it is constantly moving and I am interested in capturing a moment in time. I (or a friend) toss a rock into the water to create a ripple. I then quickly take photos of the ripple as it moves from the center and flows outward. The photo is then cropped as a close-up to provide the desired

composition. Inevitably, the finished work departs from the photo through the process of painting.

A ripple created and photographed for a painting reference.

A close up of water, cropped to focus on the ripple patterns. 


I am honored to have the painting, Encompassing Ripple, selected for the 2015 Lone Tree Art Expo. The show runs from October 3rd to November 8th with the opening on October 3rd, 3:00-5:00. Lone Tree Arts Center is located on 10075 Commons St. Lone Tree, Co. 80124. Hours are: 10-4 Monday-Friday. Please come by and see the show!

©2015 Jan Fordyce, Encompassing Ripple, 36x48, oil on canvas, $3800