The Painting Process


May 2015



Surface Layers 40"x60" oil on canvas
The Painting Process
Many people ask me, “How do you start and create a painting?” So here is a quick introduction into the painting process for me.
Before the painting process even starts there is the what and why of a painting. What do I want to paint and why does that have meaning? It could come from an idea, a concept, an image or scene, an emotion or a statement of what I want to say. Of course this evolves over time and can be different at certain points of time. Once that is figured out and thought through a painting can emerge.
Here is the process for a painting captured in photos during the process. There are many stages in-between, changes that are made during the process. At the final stage little changes might occur over weeks or months until the painting feels complete is finished.

Step 1: Here is the initial line drawing "laying in" the composition. This is an important step which sets the foundation for the painting. If the composition is off the whole painting struggles.

Step 2: Once the lines of the composition and structure of the painting are in then the shapes and values are lightly blocked in with color.


Step 3: In this step more of the color is added and worked into the composition. The lower layer of the rock forms under the water surface are painted in, but will be layered over with the water color in glazes.


Step 4: Here is the completed painting. Many layers and refinements over time occur before a painting is complete. Hopefully you can see how the painting evolved to this point.