Travels and the Art Experience



©2016 Circular Force, 40"x60" oil on
canvas, Jan Fordyce

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Travels and the Art Experience

I recently came home from a wonderful trip with my husband, Peter to the historic, art filled, beautiful country of Italy. The trip was filled with new places to experience, food and wine to enjoy and new sites to see. I realized after coming home what an art filled experience the trip was. Of course being an artist some of the experience was sought out, such as seeing The Last Supper in Milan. But, art was apparent in just about every endeavor we encountered. We took a cooking class and learned some of the art of cooking and presentation that is such a part of Italy. They use the best ingredients they can find and cook with care, tradition and in one class with a contemporary flare. 

In our travels, Peter and I came upon a Exhibition of M.C. Esher at a Museum in Milan. He spent quite a bit of time in Italy which influenced his art. The exhibit encompassed many of his famous and recognizable pieces as well as a sense of progression and growth in his work.

In Turin, we went to the Egyptian Museum or Museo Egizio. It contains one of the largest collections of Egyptian artifacts outside of Egypt. The museum is huge and takes you through the history of early Egyptian antiquities. One of my favorite was a long papyrus scroll the length of a long wall. It amazed me that, as a paper object it has survived so many years.

The architecture in each city and town was exquisite. The buildings in Turin were elegant with a French influence. The churches in all of the towns and cities were each different with some offering a simple facade and others large and ornate. The Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi completed in the 1200’s is a marvel of artwork inside the upper and lower church. And of course the Arch of Constantine in the Forum in Rome is an amazing example of Roman architecture. 

We rode bikes through the countryside of Umbria, which was exquisite with small medieval towns and lots of vineyards and olive orchards. Each scene was like a lovely painting just waiting to step into and experience. Each turn in the road offered up the artistic landscape of Italy. 

I think travel offers an artist a peak into the artistic beauty of other countries and cultures. It stirs the creative juices and awakens new possibilities and ideas as it broadens ones personal growth and awareness of the world. I look forward to transferring my new ideas to canvas. We loved our artistic Italian holiday.

From the M.C. Esher exhibition in Milan. An interactive camera that makes the viewer part of the art!

From the Egyptian Museum in Turin.

The Arch of Constantine at the Forum in Rome. 

Cappelacci from our cooking class in Bevanga. We actually made and cooked this dish and then had it for dinner!

The countryside in Umbria and the town of Trevi.

Outside the Palazzo Reale in Milan.

All photos taken by Peter Fordyce.

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