Time to Create



New Painting from the studio!
©2016 Jan Fordyce, Hot Water Flow, 36x48 oil on canvas.

This painting was inspired by my recent trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. At the start of our trip there were quite a few hot springs that were great to soak in after a day on the river.

New Painting from the studio!
©2016 Jan Fordyce, Mosaic, 36x60 oil on canvas

This painting was also inspired by the trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and the hot springs. The painting is a close-up view of the hot water creating a mosaic pattern from the surface below and the sunlight above.

Time to Create

Like any creative endeavor, the creative process can be finicky and elusive at times. Some paintings seem to flow out easily and relatively quickly and others put up a fight. I find that when I am trying something new or different the process is slowed down and uncertain. I also find that the longer it takes to create a painting, the focus can change along the way. I might start out with one outcome in mind and then that changes as time goes on and the process continues. Sometimes the indecision makes it harder to figure out what direction to go in and sometimes the idea is harder to execute than thought. A painting may take you in a direction you thought you were not going, and I often find it is just best to be taken on that journey. For better or worse, I find that I have a hard time giving up on a painting. I feel the need to “figure it out” as a problem to be solved. Sometimes it may be wise to let go and move on to another painting. The case in point are two paintings just completed. One painting, Mosaic took many months to complete and in the meantime, Hot Water Flow was started to distract me from the first and possibly come up with some answers as I was painting. Sometimes I am asked how long it takes to complete a painting? It is a hard question to answer as you can see each painting has its own timeline, and each painting that has come before plays into the next painting. The creative process is not necessarily a linear journey, and at times one can get lost, but each painting reflects a process of work, time, patience and focus.

Just Sold!
©2015 Jan Fordyce, Spin, 36x36 oil on canvas.


Around Town

A wonderful exhibition:" Expanding the Dialogue Part Two" is on display until November 12th at Space Gallery Denver. The exhibit features 3 abstract painters: Pat Aaron, Monroe Hodder and Haze Diedrich. Here are a couple of amazing paintings by Pat Aaron inspired by her residency to Iceland!
Space Gallery is located at 400 Santa Fe Drive in Denver.

Hours are: Wed.-Fri. 11-5, Sat. 10-3


Ellie the studio assistant and another water lover on a hike last summer.