Art in our Lives



MARCH 2016


©Jan Fordyce 2016, Fragment Flow, 36x60 oil on canvas

This is the painting from the last newsletter which showed the steps in progress. Completion!

Art in Our Lives

As an artist I love to create art. It is a lifelong pursuit, a passion and a need to express myself and ideas. Once I have created the art the next step is getting it out in the world. I love to see it go into a friends home where I can visit and see it again, but it is also an honor to see it going into a place of business, either corporate or a non-profit, a hotel or a hospital. I love the fact that all of these places think that original art is important to place in their environments. Whether it is for a pleasing designed interior, or for their employees to take pleasure from, or the people that come into the environment all are affected by the art. It amazes me how much art can impact our lives. The art we look at can be calming, beautiful, inspiring, humorous, intriguing, monumental, complicated, adventurous, almost any descriptor one could come up with. Because it is a visual art two different people could come up with very different words or opinions on how the art could affect them very differently. 

Of course the visual arts share this impact with all of the other art forms: literary, music, performing arts, culinary arts, etc. As humans we can derive so much from all of these art forms. In a world that can seem so crazy art is something that one can always find solace in. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the arts and a tiny voice in the world of art.

©2015 Jan Fordyce, Surface Disruption, 40x60 oil on canvas
Installation at TD Ameritrade, Houston, Texas. 


©2014 Jan Fordyce, Lyrical Puddle, original painting 24x48 oil on canvas, enlarged as a giclee print to fit in the Westin Hotel in Westminster, Co.


©2016 Jan Fordyce, Spiral Ripple, 40x60 oil on canvas, on exhibit at the Arvada Art Center, Arvada, Co.



©2013 Jan Fordyce, A Ripple in Time #1, 36x48 oil on canvas purchase by St. Joseph Hospital Denver, Co.


©2013 Jan Fordyce, Momentary Ripple, 24x48 oil on canvas, purchased by Life Long Organ Donation, a non-profit in San Diego, Ca.

It's almost over! The Art of the State 2016 Exhibition at the Arvada Center ends March 27th! A big thanks to all of you who made it up to see the exhibition, if not there is still time. Thanks if you voted for my painting for the Peoples Choice award. The next Art of the State is in 2019!




Copyright © 2016 Jan Fordyce