New Sites and Inspiration


New Sites and Inspiration

MAY 2016



©2015 Jan Fordyce, Surface Layers, 40x60 oil on canvas
Sold! This painting just found a new home at the CBI Crime Lab in Arvada, Co.

©2016 Jan Fordyce, Surface Patterns, 36x48, oil on canvas, $3800
New from the studio.

©2016 Jan Fordyce, Circular Force, 40x60, oil on canvas, $4200
New from the studio.


New Sites and Inspiration 

Over the years, artists have journeyed to different locations for inspiration for their work. Think of the Impressionists traveling to the south of France for the color and light, and Georgia O’Keefe traveling to New Mexico for the southwestern light and landscape.

Recently, I was able to make two short trips to inspire my work and experience a change in landscape and atmosphere. I made a quick trip to Moab, Utah to ride mountain bikes, take in the red rock beauty, and enjoy the Colorado River winding its way through the desert landscape. 

A trip to the desert was a delight with all the cactus in bloom—with colors from yellows to oranges to brilliant reds! The desert warmth and sun warmed my soul and relaxed and slowed down my thoughts as I took in the beauty. I was able to view wonderful artwork and eat delectable southwestern food with good friends.

Even though the trips were short, the getaways were inspiration into different sites and character of land and brought a quick break and inspiration to my work. Now back to painting!


The Colorado River winding it's way through the red rocks towards Moab, Ut. This river has been a big source of inspiration and imagery for my paintings. It is always a treat to see it's magnificent beauty.

Ellie takes us for a hike. She also takes a swim!

Brilliant cactus colors in bloom! Got to love those bright colors!

Art Around Town

Just visited Space Gallery in Denver and saw a wonderful exhibit called, reMARKable. One of the featured artists is a friend Sangeeta Reddy, who creates beautiful abstract pieces. Her work includes mixed media collage and monotype prints with layers of paint added to make each piece the subtle and engaging.
The show runs until May 14th at Space Gallery, 400 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, Co. Hours are: Wed.-Fri. 11-5, Sat. 11-3.

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