Path of Totality




©2016 SURFACE PATTERNS, Just sold by Mirada Fine Arts! Thank you! 



New painting from the studio!
©2017 Jan Fordyce, Sun Ripple, 36x48 oil on canvas



New painting from the studio!
© 2017 Jan Fordyce, Whisper of Light, 24x24 oil on canvas

The Path of Totality: Eclipsing Art

The journey to the path of totality took us ( family and friends ) to the heartland of Nebraska and a family farm in Ringgold to witness the 2017 eclipse. The host family went all out with mid-western hospitality, great farm-to-table meals and a after dinner lecture by a solar astrophysicist from NASA. The camping area was filled with people from all over the U.S. but also from France, Denmark, and The Netherlands. Our camp neighbor was from Scotland. Everyone was excited in anticipation of what we were about to witness. Sunday, the night before the eclipse was sunny and clear, but we woke up to dense fog the day of the eclipseand worried that it may not be clear enough to see what we all came here to see. Fortunately the fog lifted and the skies were blue and clear. People set up their telescopes and cameras. Everyone got out their eclipse glasses in anticipation. At the scheduled time, ( accurately determined by scientists ) the first little edge of the sun was blocked by the moon, first contact.  We watched the progression over the next hour or so noting how the light changes and the temperature cools. As we crept up on the total eclipse the light was dim, but at that moment of totality the light quickly shifted to dark dusk with a halo of light on the horizon. As we watched with our glasses on the last little crest of sun was covered and then darkness. We took our glasses off and were astounded at the beauty of the black circle of the moon and the corona glowing so stunningly. There really are no words to describe the image you see, but we were all in awe hooting and hollering in amazement. It was hard to take your eyes off the corona and yet the place in which we were standing was cooler and darker than expected and you wanted to take that in as well. It was truly a life altering moment when you realize how small you are in the universe and how large and vast space beyond us is. The eclipse was there for everyone across the U.S. to witness and be awed by with the path of totality for the total eclipse. It was something other worldly for all to see and made me very grateful for all the science and scientists who work so hard to unfold so many of the mysteries of the universe.

Several friends have asked if the eclipse experience will impact my painting. At this point I am not sure, but I do know that the beauty and intrigue of nature has certainly been a big inspiration for me and the work I do.


Totality in Ringgold, Nebraska Aug. 21, 2017 photo by Aubrey Simmonsen

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Totality and the corona, photo by Peter Fordyce


Ellie made the journey to Ringgold, Nebraska! photo by Aubrey Simmonsen