Save the Arts



MARCH 2017


Just Sold! ©Jan Fordyce, Complexity, 30x40 oil on canvas


New Painting from the studio!
©2017 Jan Fordyce, Shifting Swirl, 40x60 oil on canvas

Saving the Arts for Everyone

I have been involved in the arts from a very young age. I had the opportunity to take art classes and have people around me that supported my passion of making art and seeing art in museums. In many ways I was very lucky. As an art teacher/professor, I have seen many students work hard in the arts and see the importance of art in their communities as a place to view the arts and be involved in the arts. From music to theater, dance, film, literary arts and the visual arts our humanity is enriched. As we look at art history or just history in general, we learn about the past and other cultures from the art that is and was created. 

It saddened me when I learned that the National Endowment for the Arts was going to be eliminated. The NEA was founded in 1965 and has actively provided grants to arts organizations in all 50 states. It supports performances, exhibitions, healing arts and arts education programs as well as festivals and artist residencies. 

The NEA designates that a portion of their funds to every state with regional partnership grants to be allocated to serving underserved communities. For every $1 in grant money, a matching public or private fund can boost that $1 to up to $9, in effect magnifying the impact of the grant.

From the NEA website:( )

“A recent examination of NEA direct grants showed that the majority go to small and medium sized organizations, which tend to support projects that benefit audiences that otherwise might not have access to arts programming.”

“A significant percentage of grants go to those who have fewer opportunities to participate in the arts.”

Communities and artists across the country large and small benefit from all of these NEA grants

If you appreciate the arts whether, music concerts, theater, film, going to the art museum or art center or just enjoy the arts period, please join me in letting your voice be heard by calling, emailing or sending a note to your congress person or senator. 

The arts are so important for our humanity.

Around Town

Must see at the Denver Museum of Art, the exhibition Mi Tierra. This exhibit features site specific installations by 13 Latino artists that express experiences of contemporary life in the American West. On view through Oct. 22, 2017. Hours: 10-5 Mon.-Sat. 10-8 Friday. Located at 100 W. 14th Ave. Pkwy Denver, Co.

Recent trip to Tucson

A recent trip to Tucson was delightful! We hiked in Sabino Canyon, Mt. biked in the foothills, played tennis, ate amazing food and throughly enjoyed spending time with great friends. Such a great getaway in the middle of winter!

Beautiful Sabino Canyon hike.

Tucson Botanic Gardens!

 Water flowing down the canyon!

Cactus and shadows.

Ellie the studio assistant in deep thought.

Copyright © 2017 Jan Fordyce, All rights reserved.