New Painting from the studio!
©2017 Jan Fordyce, Outward Ripple, 40x60 oil on canvas

New Painting from the studio!

©2017 Jan Fordyce, Subdued Ripple, 36x60 oil on canvas

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Internet Connection Stories

It is amazing how just having a website can introduce you to some fascinating people. Recently I was contacted by three people from different places around the world doing very different things.

A couple of months ago I received an email from a French photographer who is also fascinated with water. He has a line of photographs of water called aquosites and emailed to share a couple with me which were astonishing very much like my water paintings. Who knew there would be such an interesting connection pursuing the same subject but in a different media? I then looked at his website and was further amazed at how his photographs were so similar to my art. Seems we have a similar interest and eye to translate the subject of water.

I was also contacted recently by a poet here in Colorado who saw my Colorado River paintings online and asked if she could use one to inspire a poem and project at the Telluride Literary Festival as she read her poem. I thought that was a brilliant idea. Who knew a painting could inspire a poet?

The last contact really took me by surprise. I was contacted by a PhD student in astronomy from the University of Amsterdam. He had found one of my paintings by searching “circular waves simulations” on Google. It turns out he wanted to use a water ripple painting for the cover of his thesis titled ” Mass Accretion Rate Fluctuations in Black Hole X-ray Binaries.”  I mentioned to him I had always thought there was a strong relationship between the arts and science and this is what he wrote back:

 “About the link between science and arts (or creative processes in general), black holes were predicted (or “pictured”, if you want) before their discovery. The idea of black hole sounded bizarre even for Einstein, but in the 60’s astronomers observed the first one in the Cygnus constellation. A small story about how imagination goes beyond reality (sometimes).”

“From your blog I guess you are in love with reflection mechanisms. You may be interested about how a black hole changes space time very close to it. It sounds complicated, but close to the black hole light rays are curved, deviated, ‘trapped’ into rings, creating all kind of illusions (standing on a black hole surface you would see your neck in from of you!).  A challenge for every mind (scientific and artistic).”

Pretty interesting how people can find one’s work online and then are motivated enough to contact me and share their stories of finding inspiration in a painting. Art via the internet can truly connect people from all over the world.

Art Exhibition at the Arvada Center

I recently visited the opening to the new exhibition at the Arvada Center called "PaperWorks", in the main gallery. It is a group show of 20 artists who use paper as their artistic medium. The work ranged from cast paper to cut paper and folded paper to handmade paper. I was amazed at the imagination and creativity conveyed in the artist's work. Below are a couple of examples of amazing work.

Also at the center is an exhibition in the Theater Gallery of "Paper on Paper: the Art of Chine-Colle", which encompasses printmakers using the technique of chine-colle in various ways.

In the Upper gallery there is an exhbit of Stan Meyer's work called "Poetic Presence", which included large flat woven artworks out of roofing felt paper.

The Exhibition runs from June 1- Aug. 20, 2017. Gallery hours are Mon.-Fri. 9-6, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 1-5.
The Arvada Center for the Arts is located at 6901 Wadsworth Blvd. Arvada, Co. 80003

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