Tentative Ripple 36x60 oil on canvas

New Painting from the studio!
©2017 Jan Fordyce, Fleeting Moment, 36x60 oil on canvas

©2017 Jan Fordyce, Shifting Swirl, 40x60 oil on canvas

Above are recent paintings inspired by water's movement and reflected shapes. As spring has finally appeared I look forward to spending time by water as it continually inspires my work and in the studio doing what I love.

A Visit to the Denver Art Museum

   Mark Bradford,  Realness , mixed media

 Mark Bradford, Realness, mixed media

  Mark Bradford , The Edge of Abstraction,  mixed media

Mark Bradford, The Edge of Abstraction, mixed media

I had a  recent visit to the Denver Art Museum and was throughly inspired by the show, Shade: Clifford Still and Mark Bradford. Both painters are abstract expresionists, although Clifford Still worked in the 1930's -1970's until his death in 1980. Mark Bradford is a current contemporary artist whose work creates a dialogue with that of Still. Clifford Still worked primarily in black, and so in response to his work Mark Bradford works in black in most of these paintings. Clifford Still used paint while Mark Bradford used paper and mixed media often using a sander as a tool to uncover and expose texture and shapes. The paintings are mesmerizing to look at. It is an exceptional show featuring two great artists. Above are a couple of my favorite pieces from Mark Bradford. 

The exhibition Shade, is at the Denver Art Museum from April 9th-July 16th with the companion show nearby at the Clifford Still Museum.

Denver Art Museum address: 100 W. 14th Ave. Pkwy. Denver, Co.
Clifford Still Museum address: 1250 Bannock St. Denver, Co.

Last but not least, Studio Assistant Ellie enjoying the spring weather and a ball toss! Photo by Peter Fordyce

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